Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick 2010 Catch Up with Pictures!

MUM's 60th BIRTHDAY BALL......

EMMA comes ... and we girls visit NEW YORK CITY!!!



Sunday, December 13, 2009

... Fall 2009

New York City!
So we finally made it to NYC! Alisi, Avon and I had a blast! We saw just about everything, ate just about everything and LOVED every minute of everything! This Trip confirmed my NATURAL ELEMENT ... METRO CITIES! ... Definitely INSPIRING! I will always remember this Birthday and plan to return sometime SOON!

While I was in NYC ~ Mum and Dad were in New Zealand and Brisbane Australia visiting. Many Reunions for them and brought more treats for me. Close to Heaven experience to return home to goodies from HOME and having just come back from my future home of NYC! :) LOL
Thanksgiving was great! We started the day with the Walk/Run to Feed the Hungry at CSUS. Our company participates every year and this year Dad and Lisa along with her girls got to join in. It was a blast as usual and reminds us to be thankful for what we have. Fiona and her kids joined us and we ate like Kings :0)
Went to Utah last week for Uncle Eddie (Mum's brother) and his wife of 50yrs Aunty Ana's Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration, hosted by their children. It was a Mini Hansen Reunion, a time to patch some of the past and to renew our family love all round! It was an awesome time and most favorite to date trip to Utah! Another love while there was THE SNOW! While travelling in it sucked - just being in it, smelling it and feeling it on my face was a blast!

Okay, this blog might seem a little over the top - but I'm catching up in 5mins because I got to dash!

Christmas is right around the corner ... The Tree is up, Lights are up, Cookies are baking, Caroling has started and its true Winter (California style) outside!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Natural Element = The City!

FIRST American Camping experience for the MANNs

We learnt A-LOT about what NOT TO DO next time! ... haha ~

For starters - Check out the Camp Grounds thoroughly and if possible in person so we know what it 'really looks like' before we arrive. By night fall it actually turned out pretty good. The Stars are certainly beautiful at night and it was great weather. This experience had me appreciate my upbringing in NZ surrounded by all the variations of GREEN that you could only imagine here.

The most important thing though was that we had a GREAT TIME TOGETHER as a FAMILY! The Kids had a blast and thats what mattered most right?! :)

Next Camp on the Agenda I believe will be on the Coast! Can't wait! :)

Summer Series - Favorites!

With Work being extra demanding these past 2 weeks I had wanted to indulge in brainless activity such as SUMMER SERIES MARATHONS from my faithful DVR:



...and have stumbled across and now indulged in RAISING THE BAR!

Ashlie suggested DROP DEAD DIVA -trying to see if I really like or not?

Otherwise... Everything is great!!

New YORK is still HAPPENING....something to look forward to!!!

Peace, Love & I *heart* NYC!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Invitation

One of my closest girlfriends Gloria went through the Temple and took out her own endownments in the Sacramento Temple! She worked extremely hard over the past year+ to prepare herself mentally, emotionally and spiritually! Whilst, I missed out on the blessing of going through with her and our friends and family - it was a very special moment and day for her and all of us who have seen her grow into who she is today! Gloria has given her all to everyone around her for most of her life and now she gets to give this wonderful gift back to herself!

On Sunday morning in Sacrament meeting a bright Young Women gave a talk on being a Pure Vessel in Christ. She shared her journey to discovering that the key to purifying or cleansing our vessels is Jesus Christ himself. Witnessing her testimony of the things she had just learne and gained a testimony of brought on not only tears, but a renewed hope to purify my own vessel.

Karen Schram then sang a song which lead into the chorus which went "Come unto Me, Come unto Christ..." and for some reason THAT INVITATION to COME UNTO CHRIST felt very personal and direct! There are a few very significant times in my life when I have felt the Lords encircling arms around me bear witness that he is REAL and THERE for me! I was humbled to recognize the enternal and undying love of my Savior, Jesus Christ. My Joy is Full! Today is my chance to make right the wrongs in my life! And for that gift of the Atonement I am truly grateful. Today is my opportunity to be more like him.
LIFE is great! ~ Today is GREAT!

& HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sister In-law Vise!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Where do I begin?! Hmmm. Before my Brain bursts let me start my usualy ramble :)
Flew to Utah for General Conference and to spend time with cousins from Utah, LA and my poor BYU Rugby student cousin "PaulEE" for the weekend! Mostly ate my weekend away, Kareoked with my cousins, went to a Rugby game at the U and attended Sunday Morning Session in the Tabernacle to end off the festivities on a lasting HIGH!

Most of our Familia hit the road and caravaned to Vegas for the SEINI KOLOKESA Family Reunion hosted by Roy & Crew! Camped between Pele's house (with pool) and the LDS Warm Springs Campsite with everyone else. Ended Vegas on the Strip with the Kiddlings!

Mum, Dad and I drove to LA from Vegas with Fei-Fei! Had a nice relaxing time. Cousin Talau slept over with us so we could catch up over Jack-N-the-Box. Thanks to Charles - our Driver and Tour Guide! We parted ways to Sac while Aunty Henrietta flew back to Brisbane, AU.

LA - Linzie's Wedding
Girls Road Trip with the Sua's to Linzie's wedding. Met up with O'lupe and Avon at the Temple and Reception and had the bomb food and entertainment. Avon joined us on our Tour through Santa Monica and the Pier! LOVED IT! My kindah lifestyle! Cookie Factory remained faithful to our taste buds!

We had another successful TOFA AWARDS evening to highlight the local Polynesian Graduates! Proud of our Kids!

TOFA EDUCATION CONFERENCE was good too! Only Regret....No Darn Camera! So No Pics!

More Family time! More Fun! HOT as Hades! But hey...we were positioned nicely under Shade by the Pool both days - so cant complain. Volleyball was a Hit! We had the Champ team on Sat! Top Talent performed by all ages with GREAT FOOD! Thanks Uncle Albert!! Aunty Aiona's Otai with lots of ICE... BOMB! The Pool was HEAVEN! Even if they made me wear my swim suit with no shirt... If I knew I was yelling at my little neighbor (the Lifeguard) I would've been nicer....LOL Poor kid!

SUMMER MOVIE MUST... saw it 3 times! You need a bud to go with? Call me!


My friend and coworker Ashlie has turned me into a reading FRENZIE! First it was the TWILIGHT series, then Lisa lent me THE RESCUER and then Ashlie introduced me to SOPHIE KINSELLA's THE UNDOMESTIC GODDESS. Finished CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC in a few hours and now finishing SHOPAHOLIC IN MANHATTAN.

BORDERS is FLAVOR OF THE MONTH! for Books & Limited Edition Chocolates :)

We had a girls HP Marathon last weekend. Junk Food, PJ's and all! Kept falling asleep so ended up rewatching a couple to be sure I catch all of the details :) Now I'm ready to see 6 at the IMAX with the girls! I think Tomorrow it is?! Cant wait to start reading this series - my next project.

Okay - this should suffice for a catch up.... written my own all over the place NOVEL :)

Friday is almost done! YAY... & Tomorrow Gloria takes out her own Temple Endownments! Big Day!

Monday, March 9, 2009


My sister reminded me on Friday that my last blog was New Years eve... haha.

My nephew Na'a Junior was born. My sister Lisa gave birth on Jan 1st. Very exciting New Year addition to the Hafoka and Mann clan.

We downsized at work. Closed one office. Took on extra accounts and lost 2 people in our office. We had a lot of positions to fill in January - so it was a blessing!

Work still busy. Still a big Blessing.

Baby Na'a was blessed. It was good to see and catch up with close family.

TOFA committments into over-drive mode with the Mentoring/Tutoring program with Luther Burbank High School and other local high schools. Met with several groups of youth in the community. Working close with about 30 of them - having a blast seeing their enthusiasm to make a difference in their own lives. Even went to LA and discovered a future opportunity for TOFA and local PI's in Sacramento. Exciting news to follow later in 2009 or early 2010.

Valentines - lots of SWEETS :) Valentine Pizzas and treats with all of the Nephews and Nieces and Nana in Elk Grove. Yum goodies for Aunty Liz :)

Amber (my sister in-law) got new pic's of their kids! So cute!

Work is back to slow. Sales is up!

Dance Practice is well on its way now for Harvard in May! Its pretty exciting. The kids are learning quickly and the instructors are awesome! I have a great team I'm working with. Parents and Church leaders are also very supportive.

Ward Primary Missionary activity. I did New Zealand. We made mini Potatoe Top Pies and Temple Pudding with custard and Ice-cream. It was a hit! The kids and adults loved it!

Nana Bessie's World Wibe Web Family Reunion is scheduled for this weekend in honor of her Birthday this Friday March 13th. Each family has been busy preparing their individual family video/footage to upload on our private family youtube to share with each other. We will SKYPE in this weekend! Can't wait! We finished our video recording on Saturday night - after much joking around, noise control with excited grand kids and ended off on a musical note with a song that Uncle Paul (Dad's brother) wrote himself "Where Shall I Go?".

Okay - now that we are brought to the present. I will sign off and get back to work!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year....New Beginnings!

Every year at this time of year - one is brought to humility as they check off their goals achieved and goals still left to be achieved.

2008 has been a great year for me. Another busy year. Some goals I have been able to achieve while others have remained to gather dust on the 'procastination' shelf. I will need to find a more creative 'metric system' to ensure I achieve more goals in 2009. I have some exciting pre-thought out goals and most of them have carried over from previous years...haha. K - not that funny.

Christmas was great! Always nice to spend it at home with family. There are many who are without family and it can be an extra lonely time for them. So for my family being healthy and around me as a constant brings me strength.

I got 2 volumes of Gossip Girl... hahaha Don't hate me. I find it entertaining in a strange way :) Is it a sign that I need a

Tomorrow Lisa is induced with child #4 and her 2nd Son. Her first son was too good for this mortal world and returned back home to his father in Heaven. This bouncing baby boy Na'a Jr we are anticipating his arrival. He will have 2 very active sisters whom I know will smother him with giggles, hugs and umahs! New Years eve will be another FAMILY AFFAIR whether it be at home or in the hospital - either way, it will be a BLAST.

Happy New Year to you all :)